Data Heartbreak | Llum Barcelona

  • Domestic Data Streamers

Landscapes was in charge of the production of the installation "Data Heartbreak" by Domestic Data Streamers for the Llum Bcn Festival 2022 in Barcelona.

Every second 6,000 tweets are written, more than 740,000 WhatsApp messages are sent and 694 Instagram posts are created. Given this avalanche of information, the latest studies affirm that the human concentration capacity is right now in about 8 seconds, and this figure is reduced year after year. "Data Heartbreak", created specifically for Llum Bcn 2022, is a light exploration of intoxication, apathy and the importance of data. Inspired by the reflections of Aldous Huxley who predicted a truth eclipsed by a sea of ​​irrelevance, Domestic Data Streamers proposes an experiential journey where disinformation becomes the light that illuminates us.

Domestic Data Streamers is a team of technology, journalism and design professionals from Barcelona who have set themselves the challenge of capturing and transforming raw data from interactive systems and experiences. With an extensive background in digital media and interaction design, they play between the limits of art, science and sociology to approach the world of data with a more human approach.