• Artist

Teresa Rofer

Teresa Rofer is a self-taught visual artist and designer who investigates, from an experimental perspective, the expressive possibilities of digital media and how they relate to reality.

She develops pieces where she displays, always from an existential and intimate approach, revealing ways of seeing about the fragility of a utopian subject who does not renounce to express his direct experience of the world. The collective psychic traces somatized in the physical body, the intrinsic mistakes of the digital image or the frustrations of the individual exposed to a programmed impersonality find in its pieces a series of suggestive and novel hybridizations.

Among her most recent projects, it is worth mentioning her collaboration with ARAN Art Network (2020-21), her exhibition at Finding Art Madrid (Fart) by Hyper Studio (2020), or the creation of a series of works where she combines nature and 3D design for the experimental art platform Feltzine (2020), in addition to having worked for MIRA Festival (2020), Mmmad or Feminist Ontologies (2021).