• Artist

Diego Navarro

Diego Navarro is a visual and sound artist from Valencia, focused on the creation and exploration of virtual spaces with escapist and fantastic overtones. As a sound artist, he has participated in festivals such as Mira (2017), presenting his LP Vessels together with visuals by Darío Alva, and Sónar (2019), as well as collaborations at the stage level with choreographer and dancer Miguel Ballarín in Cenotafio (2018 ) and participation as a sound designer and musician in multiple television projects, such as 'still lost, here's a tunnel I guess' by Darío Alva for Adult Swim, or 'How I Got Applauded' by Baris Cavusoglu. As a visual artist he has focused on CGI for the production of video clips and visual accompaniments, currently trying to find ways and processes to combine both creative areas.